After completing her 7 year abstract study, Fabbri,  unveiled her much anticipated contemporary realism series, INVERSION. With the foundation for this series beginning in 2000, Fabbri, has been developing the details of the first 10 works over the last 17 years.  Unveiled September 28, 2017, these 10 works tell her story. Each piece represents a specific experience in her life that she believes greatly impacted getting her to where she is and who she is today. The inverted letters are symbolic of  hindsight being 20/20 and that we wouldn't be who we are today if it weren't for out past 

Rule The World.JPG
Carpe Diem.JPG
Tailgates and Touchdowns.JPG
Red Goddess.jpg
One Piece Of Advice.jpg
Fiercely Fab.jpg
It's So Good To See You Again.jpg
Currency Exchange-01.jpg
Fly Me Away-01.jpg
Bitimus Chewicus-01.jpg
They Do Exhist!-01.jpg
Home Sweet Home-01.jpg
What Does It Say?-01.jpg
Even Toed-01.jpg
You Can Hear If You Listen-01.jpg
Same Same, But Different-01.jpg